The show kicks off with a special coming out tribute party for Caitlyn Jenner! What a wonderful show tonight, folks! Whiskey was joined in studio by Scarlett and Shawn, better known as The Lonesome Doves. The highlight of the night was their live musical performances. These two beautiful people have an amazing story to tell, and they tell it with inspired and awesome music that you can’t help but fall in love with.  Speaking of Love… Matt is on a love kick again this week, and it’s a good one. We shout out to all our fan-girls, We talk about Love, Life, Equality, Fracking, Transgenders, Fist fights, Music, and more Love! We get into some rules for carrying a gun, if you’re going to carry now that you can. We talk about exactly how much rain HAS fallen on Texas in the month of May. Domtar drops by the studio to give a shout out to his girlfriend. And Whiskey recaps the amazing time at Dallas ComicCon Fan Expo. It’s a REALLY good time, with Really good music, and Really beautiful people, filled with Love.  Enjoy the show!

The Lonesome Doves:


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