WBR #244 – From Russia, With Memorial Day Love!

Well, folks… we kick off the show with our annual Memorial Day Tribute, then things get weird… quickly.

Whiskey announces that he and Dani are both ‘leaving’ the show. Dani completely, and him mostly. And then we get introduced to the new show host and co-host. And most of you are going to HATE this. 🙂  But that’s why we do it!  We cover the concerts and movies we’ve recently seen, Mad Max, Poltergeist, Meridian, Serosia, and Adakain at Curtain Club, The Phantom Sensation at Liquid, and upcoming shows. Our new host talks VERY specifically about how he feels about the bands we talk about, even mentioning parts of them being ‘Hairy and Manly’!  We play some AMAZING tunes from two local bands, that are linked to a SUPER amazing show that we leak some details about… Secret of Boris and Dark Horse Darling. We talk about tiny things that make you super mad (in a top 10 format) and we cover news stories that you probably didn’t hear about.  Enjoy the show as much as we enjoy making it for you.

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