What a wonderful show we have for you this week, folks! Whiskey and Dani are joined by Denton singer / songwriter Brian Lambert. We talk about everything under the sun: From old school movies, to new movies, to the rating systems, to music over the years, to selfie technology, to how many groceries a woman can fit up her Hoo-haa.  Yup, we cover ALL the big topics! We also learn how Brian went from a young boy on the Texas Coast to a guitar playing stock broker, to just a really cool guitar playing dude, who tells stories with his music! We ask our guest all the important questions, leading up to his Dice of Destiny question… and it’s one we’ve NEVER asked before!  We take a few breaks for Mr. Lambert to play us some great tunes, live on the show, and we end with Dani’s news.  It’s a good time, with a talented dude… enjoy the show!

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