Hey, folks… we have a super Star Wars Day episode of the podcast for you today! We are joined by Jason, aka ‘Tech Booth’, from the Trade Paper Hacks podcast on the show. We talk about Star Wars, Comics, Movies, Netflix, Boxing, More Star Wars, Music, Nerds, Geeks, The Music Multiverse, More Star Wars, and then some more Star Wars. We also play local music from Spc Cmp and Nothing More, and we talk all about the Trade Paper Hacks show. We have Star Wars Trivia, Star Wars Quotes, Star Wars Facts, and more… also Upcoming drunken recordings are teased, as well as some talk about WhiskeyBoy Visiting the Funkytown Podcast this week. And it’s all brought to you by out sponsor this week, Russian Brides Dot Com; where “she does mule, she does cleaning, she has baby”!

It’s a fun show, enjoy the Star Wars Trivia and all the other goodness this week.

WhiskeyBoy on Funkytown Podcast –

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