WBR #240 – DnDUI, Penis Art, & The Lord!

Well, folks. Of all the podcast episodes we’ve recorded over the years… this is one of them! Matt and Dani trudge through this episode with exciting banter between two guest segments where we talk with some of our other favorite podcasters. First we have Adriano and Marco from DnDUI join us on Skype. The guys do a Dungeons and Dragons podcast while getting liquored up. It’s one of the most glorious things on the internet! Check it out! Dani brings us news about penis art on the roads of England. We play music from local bands Ol Jug of Whiskey and Overscene. It’s good stuff. The middle of the show is a hodge podge of news and other topics. Wrapping up the show is a call from a local favorite, Jeff Lord, host of the Funkytown Podcast. We talk about podcasting and guests and awkward interviews, it’s good times.

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