We’re going nerd once again! We have the fantastic Dallas singer / songwriter Alex Gates in studio. We talk about running, sub-teaching, Loaded Moses at Trees, and Spring Storms, then we get into the interview section with Alex. We learn all about where Alex Gates comes from, who Black Dog Friday is, we hear about how he got his start in music, and what he’s got coming up. And he’s got a Kickstarter up, where you can help support his awesome forthcoming album. Check it out on kickstarter here – and support the project!

In the middle of the show we have a top 10 of the best games from the Nintendo Entertainment System. And it’s a very fun list! After lots of nerd talk, and a couple of awesome live acoustic tunes from Alex, we hit some observations, including: Jessica Biel / Timberlake baby, Kylie Jenner Lips game, Happy Birthday to Hitler, and the ACM awards and Country music in general. We wrap the show with News from Dani, and some Willie Nelson!

Enjoy the music, the concert calendar, and all the other goodness on this week’s show.

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